iSWEEP Sub-Frame Rigid Collar For VW GOLF MK7 R Rear

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Part Number:50300-AUC-S00 / GOLF MK7 R
The iSWEEP Rigid Collars are a breakthrough in chassis rigidity as it strengthens the bond between the body and subframe. A completely different approach to simply adding braces to the chassis, the collars increase the fastening strength of the subframe itself, which plays a vital role in steering and chassis rigidity. This vast improvement in vehicle handling characteristics features a more accurate and agile steering control, is something that has never been experienced before. Furthermore, the collars applied to the Rear subframe enables effective trailing traction in direct response to the vehicle steering. This newfound sense of steering reduces unnecessary and wasteful steering angle, counteracting against unpredictable yaw reactions of the car.

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