iSWEEP Brake Pad IS4000 For VW GOLF MK7 R Rear

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Part Number:IS4000-1374 / GOLF MK7 R
The theoretical concept was to develop performance brake pads that comply to a wide array of driving situations and enthusiast needs for the Audi and VW chassis. Satisfying the customer s vision of their ideal braking system is not possible without understanding the use and purpose of the vehicle. In this world, a perfect brake pad that produces no dust and no noise that complies to racing / sport driving simply does not exist. We have discovered that developing pads that are decently balanced in their properties suits the user s highest demands the best. For the most ideal brake pads, iSWEEP is the answer.

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What is XDS (Electronic Differential Lock) / Deactivate XDS
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How to insert iSWEEP brake pad into caliper bracket / Prevent clicking noise
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